The Game is Up – Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison and Abdassamad Clarke

By , August 10, 2011 5:05 pm

“I’m a Muslim and I believe in Divine fate and destiny, and it was his destiny and his fate… and now he’s gone… and may Allah forgive him and bless him… that’s all I have to say…” Tariq Jahan (bereaved father)

Three young Muslims in Birmingham who had left their neighbourhood mosque in the month of Ramadan in order to defend their local area from the surrounding violence, paid with their own lives for taking responsibility in the shameful vacuum left by the failure of our government to maintain social cohesion and social justice.

In spite of the attempt that has been made for decades to bury Muslims under the racist catch-all of ‘Asians’, the sacrifice made by these young men whose instinctive response was the very antithesis of the nihilistic lawlessness that threatened their locality, points to the fact that this is not a question of race or ethnicity – it is an issue of civilisation. Islam is a way of behaviour and not a set of ethnic cultural values. It unites people of disparate backgrounds and ethnicities in a way that no other society achieves.  Eyewitnesses confirm that these young men were not simply protecting their mosque but had gone out to defend the community as a whole. It is high time for attempts to depict Muslims as the enemies of Britain to stop and to begin to accept that the core values and standards of even the most ordinary Muslims may represent the country’s best hope for the future.

The worst aspect of the rioting in the UK has been the detachment of the political class as a whole. For decades they have been in bed with the financial élite and have overseen the sharp increase in wealth disparity that has enriched them and produced an underclass of utterly deprived people. The riots represent this disadvantaged group taking directly what they are taught to lust after but have never had a hope of attaining. The game is over. Government now nakedly represents the interests of the wealth élite at the expense of an expanding underclass of impoverished, fearful and frustrated people.

The central duty of government is to redress extreme disparities of wealth and poverty, which in this time will mean addressing the inherent injustice and corruption of banking capitalism. In this unfavourable environment Muslims struggle nevertheless, on a local level, to do what government should be doing: take from the wealthy and give to the poor, especially so in this month of Ramadan. Government today allows financiers and corporations to get away with their billions tax-free and it ratchets up taxes on income earners leaving the underclass to bear the brunt of the new austerity measures.

Government has abdicated all its responsibilities in its naked servitude to the wealth élite. There is a vacuum. Muslims are now doubly obliged to re-establish the fallen pillar of zakat and to step forward as guardians of the under-privileged and the dispossessed. The generosity and altruism embodied in the behaviour of these three young Muslims and the spiritual magnanimity of the bereaved father is what the common people stand for, whilst globalised financiers with the connivance of their political puppets continue to rape the earth for its wealth.

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  1. SalaamuAlaikum These 3 young men passed on , in One of the Best possible manners..That is ALL ANY of US can ASK. DIE on Thee SeeratulMustaqeem. Who ever murdered their bodies, DID NOT extinquish one LIGHT. He sent 3 to Paradise, InShaaALLAAH and himself to HellFire. Whether he/others believe in this or NOT Does NOT matter. It CHANGES NOTHING. This was a Racist move by the Driver.

  2. Al-'Abdu, Al-Haaj, Al-Muraabit, Ash-Shaykh Malick Elias says:

    AA. Well written and expressed. Let us increase the proactivity and not seem to be reactive. Muslims of Britain and of the world have to lead the communities they reside in to challenge improvishment and abject immorality, rather than to be seen as political opportunists. Educate the youth, both Muslim and non-Muslim to elevate themselves and their neighbourhoods without the need for central government often devisive handouts. Ameen.

    • Hajj Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison says:

      Wa alaykum as-salam, Shaykh Malick Elias. Thank you for your generous affirmation and words of encouragement. Your warning concerning political opportunism is also well taken. My understanding is that you are referring to the tendency to take quick advantage of events such as these for short term gains. It is also my understanding that the current state of crisis does, indeed, present unprecedented opportunities for the Muslims to undertake the matters you rightly mention… and much, much more, insha’Allah.

  3. Yasmin Kathrada says:

    Yes, interesting use of words by the BBC.
    Note how the Muslims as victims of society, are referred to as “Asians” .
    Or in the case of the muslim who was brutally attacked (incidentally whilst on his way to buy food to break his fast), and then looted by rioters under the pretence of helping him. He was “the Malaysian student”.
    If these youths had been the perpretators there is no doubt they would have been identified as “the Muslims”.
    No, the BBC are completely unbiased and not discriminating at all…….


  4. Danjuma Bihari says:

    Spot on , Yasmin! I had actually posted saying that it was providential that if this had to happen at all , that it happened in Ramadan, so that the more prone among us might be restrained from joining these forays;lest the handful who were identified as Muslims turn this urban unrest into Islamic terrorism!

  5. As-Salaamu Alaykum, Uthmaan and Abdas Samad, Thanks for such wonderful words and insight into such a situation the world finds itself in. I only wish that here in America we had Muslim leadership that could bring these type of insights and clarity to our situation here.

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