David Cameron’s Speech on Multiculturalism – Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison

By , February 9, 2011 8:07 am

The failure of “state multiculturalism” is nothing other than one of many manifestations of the wider failure of the longterm experiment which is the modern nation state and government intrusion into every aspect of society in order to consolidate fiscal control over the populace. The key juxtaposition of the term “state” with the term “multiculturalism” is an interesting construct and is certainly not accidental. Is it intended to suggest a non-state variant… or a pre-state variant? If so, what might they be like… would they be more successful? Perhaps Mr Cameron is just taking the opportunity to signal his Republican style small government tendencies whilst, in his mentor Tony Blair’s style, taking a vicious swipe at the Muslim community for good measure. Therefore, the suggestion seems to be that it’s the state’s fault for intruding where people should be left to their own devices (or the devices of the private sector). This is simply a red herring, a decoy, a straw man set up to draw fire from the real target.

The truth is that Cameron is attempting to distract our attention from the fact that the state has failed in the fulfilment of its primary purpose and responsibility, which is to safeguard the general well being and civil liberties of its citizens, as well as their social and economic welfare through the establishment and maintenance of justice and morality. The modern class of professional politicians and the corporate media have accepted the role of disguising the realities of this failure from the ordinary public. Our academic institutions are equally compromised and between them all they have made it impossible for us to seriously entertain the grim truth: our system of governance was never primarily intended for our general welfare and it is incapable of correcting itself even if the political will existed, which it absolutely does not.

However, the ‘perfect storm’ of economic crisis which has broken out across the world has stripped away the smoke and mirrors of the money masters and their parliamentary lackeys. An on-going and worsening recession caused by greedy financiers whose rapacious usury based system is forcing banks, corporations and countries into default and bankruptcy; not to mention the countless victims of home repossessions and small business failure. In turn the resultant pressure has millions marching on the streets in protest in Athens, Dublin, Paris, Tunis and Cairo. No-one imagines that it will stop there. It has long been clear that for the UK and much of the EU, it is only a matter of time before the population march and demand change. Parliament has failed to govern the banks and is content to serve them at the expense of the people.

This has nothing to do with multiculturalism and still less to do with Muslims, but ‘foreigners’ of all sorts have always made easy scapegoats. As for terrorism, it is not as serious a threat statistically as the likelihood of drowning in your own bath, although it now seems that Cameron, in the footsteps of his role model Blair, is determined to do everything possible to increase the odds.

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