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David Cameron’s Speech on Multiculturalism – Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison

By , February 9, 2011 8:07 am

The failure of “state multiculturalism” is nothing other than one of many manifestations of the wider failure of the longterm experiment which is the modern nation state and government intrusion into every aspect of society in order to consolidate fiscal control over the populace. The key juxtaposition of the term “state” with the term “multiculturalism” is an interesting construct and is certainly not accidental. Is it intended to suggest a non-state variant… or a pre-state variant? If so, what might they be like… would they be more successful? Perhaps Mr Cameron is just taking the opportunity to signal his Republican style small government tendencies whilst, in his mentor Tony Blair’s style, taking a vicious swipe at the Muslim community for good measure. Therefore, the suggestion seems to be that it’s the state’s fault for intruding where people should be left to their own devices (or the devices of the private sector). This is simply a red herring, a decoy, a straw man set up to draw fire from the real target. Continue reading 'David Cameron’s Speech on Multiculturalism – Uthman Ibrahim-Morrison'»

Cantona’s Goal

By , December 9, 2010 7:05 pm

With the unerring skill of the consummate football-artist that he is, Eric Cantona scored a remarkable goal with his call for people to bring down a corrupt establishment by striking at its central pillar – the bank – and by calling people to simply withdraw their funds. Now, the banking system has not come tumbling down, but nevertheless Cantona has struck a target no less significant than that of the child who, pointing to the emperor’s new clothes, remarked that the emperor was naked. He has shown clearly that we are not the helpless tyrannised citizens of a dystopian New World Order, but that we are, in fact, the ones sustaining that order and thus the only ones who can bring it down and build something entirely new. Continue reading 'Cantona’s Goal'»

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